The consultancy services are made up of 3 packages. You can have them all, or take one at the time as you require.

Assessment & Guidance

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One hour session, a personal meeting or conference call , for understanding your needs, providing a general overview of the Portuguese system, giving new insights, helping to mature your goals. Finding the perfect home for someone is a very personal thing.

The emphasis is therefore to put you in the picture of what is happening on the ground and finding out your individual likes, dislikes, discovering the things that separate a good property from your perfect one.

Location Criteria

Establishing a range of locations that can suit your goals in terms of lifestyle, combined with other important factors like infrastructures, access to services and safety.

Housing specs

Understanding the home specifications your are looking for with regards to budget, type, size, equipment’s and other relevant characteristics.

Residency status, City Planning and Tax Rules

Giving you an overview of the property tax benefits that may influence your purchase, considering residency status and property locations.

Purchasing costs and admin procedures

Explaining what are the purchasing costs, administration procedures and what entities will be involved, associated to the property acquisition.

Running costs

Becoming aware of a property running costs, namely with yearly taxes, insurance, utilities, and maintenance requirements.

Renovation Works

Having the willingness to undertake any renovation project, and depending on what type of works required, you need to understand before hand the whole process and be prepared for it.

Search & Acquisition

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Whether you live already in Portugal and simply don't have the time to look at dozens of properties – or you are based overseas

and are struggling to decide where to buy – this pack helps you set the ball rolling.

These are typical scenarios you maybe facing:

You are too busy to arrange multiple viewings and liaise with several estate agents

You live outside, or overseas, and want advice from a local property expert

You don’t trust estate agents to show you the best properties

You are an investor needing local market advice to find the best investment

You are relocating to Portugal but lack the time to travel back and forth to find a home

You simply prefer to engage a professional to conduct the full process for you

Every property search is tailored to your individual needs and requirements. However, the below process is a guideline to the homebuyer search service.

Search and previews

Speaking with network of contacts and estate agencies, researching, accessing to relevant properties of interest. Scrutinising every property from an objective perspective, shortlisting the best ones for you to see.

Property Tour

Once compiled a shortlist, a personal tour is arranged so you can view them consecutively at a time that suits you. A property tour may consist of seeing anywhere between five and ten properties, depending on market conditions and time of year.

Due diligence and negotiation

Having found your ideal home, legal considerations are identified, and the property is bench marked against others sold in the area. This will enable to determine the property’s true value and formulate a watertight negotiation strategy.

As your personal representative, working exclusively for you, the aim is to achieve the best property at the best price on the most favourable terms for you

Oversee legal process through to completion

Often the most intricate part of the buying process, overseeing the legal conveyancing process can overwhelm many buyers. Making sure all parties communicate openly and punctually, so your purchase proceeds on schedule. Translating any potential problems that may arise and if need be introduce you to lawyers, solicitors, tax advisors, surveyors, architects, builders or other required services.

Construction Project Management

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Construction is one of the world’s most difficult and challenging endeavours, and projects carry risks. Even one mistake in any of the hundreds of different tasks on a project can mean problems and result in delays and cost overruns. With the financial stakes always high, every step of the project must be managed carefully. PORTOHOMEFINDER sole focus is on project management, not design or contracting, so clients can be confident the sole priority is delivering projects on-time and within budget.

Successful project management demands a detail diligent approach, proactively managed by professionals who have the experience, skills and technical support each project demands.

Not only credentialed professionals, but also seasoned, hands-on experience in the construction industry.

PORTOHOMEFINDER provides Construction Project Management to clients looking for renovation projects. Through acquired experience and expertise, PORTOHOMEFINDER offers several advantages, brings an in-depth view of the risks projects are likely to encounter. Quickly these risks are identified and recommendations are provided on how to protect your project.

Also bringing a regional focus, with a detailed understanding of the conditions, nuances, risks and opportunities likely to influence your project, but supported by a network of recognized industry experts as needed.

PORTOHOMEFINDER independence offers you another benefit: as a “for-fee-only” project management service, does not provide design or contracting services. This means supporting your projects with no potential conflicts of interest. The combination of these strengths means, from concept to completion, PORTOHOMEFINDER adds value to your projects:

Project Scope Development

Your renovation project starts with identifying requirements, resources and risks, outlining the project scope, setting planning and budgeting, establishing levels of management and customer involvement.

Oversight Design & Licensing

Having the project scope been outlined, and if required, architecture/engineering or interior design practices shall be sourced. Once they are on board, constructability reviews and value engineering with designers and builders shall take place, as well as licensing oversight.

Tendering & Procurement

Finding the best resources and supply chain is critical for the success of your renovation project. Sourcing contractors, suppliers, specialized fit outs, doing bid management, contracting negotiation and awarding the works to the right builders are critical tasks.

Construction Management

Last but not least, the action on site! For many the most exciting stage when transformation takes place. At this point what has been planned and designed will take shape and has to be managed carefully at several levels, with contract administration, monitoring trade works, schedule oversight; auditing work for quality, cost control, dispute avoidance and claims mitigation; change order reviews; performance and productivity assessments, commissioning and handover.